Yuyao Jijia Electrical Appliances Co. Ltd.
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    Tel: 86-574-62500898 (Banking department) 
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Service concept:

Quality first, customers first, service first, to make the service more sincere, fast.

Service tenet:

Take the customer as the center, take the market as the guide; to professional talent, expertise, professional experience, professional program seriously treat every customer, to allow customers to enjoy considerable service price.

Service mode:

1: consulting services: since you purchase our product, we will provide you with product knowledge, product installation guide, product daily maintenance knowledge Advisory services.

2: on-site service: you need a service, and the nearest Division I any overseas service center or directly with the customer contact center, our service personnel will provide high quality, efficient service.

3: limit service: our service personnel to serve the needs of the phone or information,24 hours door-to-door service, special circumstances shall not be more than 72hours.

4: training services: our service according to your needs can be door-to-door product use and maintenance of professional training.

5: return visit service: our service staff will regularly ( no more than 3months ) or irregularly on the use of our products units to phone or home visit services, at the same time can meet your needs to come tour service.

6: Mail Service: if the product fails, you can put the faulty product sent to your nearest service center or our customer center. When we receive the products within 24 hours to repair the product sends out, with the test report.

7: service network: Division I in the capital city and part of the main city are equipped with service center, you can and the nearest any contact center services, can also be directly with the customer contact center.